At BHNS we are always looking for ways to better meet the needs of the community.  In response to many requests for a longer day, we have created a wonderful, playbased, full day enrollment option. 

In November of 2022, BHNS was granted a license from New York State allowing children to attend longer than three hours per day.  The longer day will be an option for enrollment beginning in September 2023.  We will continue to offer the morning only classes as well. The extended day (if selected) will be available all 5 days and dismissal will be 3pm.  The extended day will look very similar to our morning program.  The children will have ample opportunity for play based learning.    We will continue to provide morning snack and will add an afternoon snack as well.  Families will provide a lunch for their child each day. The children will be offered a ‘rest’ time during the afternoon and an additional gross motor/playground time, play centers, literacy and STEM activities…all in a play format.

 For 50 years BHNS has been the gold standard in play-based preschool education.  We fully anticipate that high quality will continue with the addition of a longer day alternative. 

    *  Welcome
    *  Free Play Rotation Time 
    *  Clean-up Time
    *  Snack Time
    *  Small Group Time
    *  Transition & Circle Times
    *  Playground or Gross Motor Time in our inside “gymnasium”
    *  Good-bye Songs

Free play is time for exploration, discovery, and development of ideas, concepts, and skills while interacting socially with the other students and teachers.  Activities to choose and explore include: dramatic play, puzzles, books, art projects, climbing and crawling, building, music, games and much more.

Circle and Transition Times expose the child to listening, participation and language skills as the children work together in games, songs, and dances.  

Small group time allows children to experience more of a one-on-one environment in which teachers can work on developing skills more directly.  The child can talk about feelings and experiences in detail, work on colors, numbers and letters, and refine spoken language sounds.  There are opportunities to work with art media, science and special relationships, and experience many aspects of nature and the world around us.

Woven into the regular program are special field trips off-site and special guests who are invited to BHNS.  We have gone pumpkin picking and welcomed visitors from the Syracuse Fire Department and Police Department, Zoo to You, Local Veterinarian Clinics, and Irish Dancers.  We also add to the fun with theme days or weeks, celebrating Camping Week, Bike Days, Pajama Day and Outer Space Week to name just a few.

We encourage and provide opportunities for parents to visit, to learn more about childhood and their children, to have conferences, offer suggestions and have input into our program.

As you can see, we’re a busy, active nursery school.  Join us as we sample the wide variety of what the world of ideas has to offer!